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The Commission on Discrimination and Hate Crimes has developed focused committees to advance its mission. Find the committee list below and follow the links to learn about the committees' purpose and members. 

Legal Committee

The purposes of the Committee include but are not limited to the following: to identify gaps in law and to make recommendations to the Commission for statutory, regulatory, or programmatic changes necessary to identify and eliminate hate-based crimes and incidents (including extremism) and discrimination. The Committee may also collect, review, propose, and coordinate Legislative recommendations for IDHR’s Legislative Director or other State and Legislative coordinators. 

Chair: Commissioner Cindy Buys

Resource Network Committee

The purpose of the Committee will be to help build out a Network of Partners who will help promote the work of the Commission, support/partner in outreach activities, or participate need identification for the diverse communities across the state of Illinois. The Committee will aim to ensure the many diverse communities in Illinois are represented and heard as they develop a robust network. The Network of Partners will feed into the Partner Referral Network for the Hate and Bias Incident Helpline. The committee’s initial work will include but is not limited to- identifying the necessary information needed from referrers/organizations, recommending a vetting process, and gathering referrals from Commissioners and other stakeholders. 

Chair: Commissioner Mona Noriega

Understanding Hate Committee

The Understanding Hate Committee aims to increase knowledge and understanding about hate and bias, including prevention, available resources, and rapid response, by developing and offering programs for the community-at-large, targeted groups, community organizations, law enforcement, and government agencies. Through community engagement and collaborative programming, this committee will work to increase cooperation and coordination between various levels of government and community-based organizations.

Chair: Commissioner Marvet Sweis

Youth and Education Committee

The purpose of the Youth and Education Committee (Committee) is to explore, address, and make recommendations to prevent and respond to the prevalence of hate incidents, hate crimes, radicalization, and extremism among youth and in educational settings.  

Chair: Commissioner Molly Uhe-Edmonds